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The Dubious Good of an English Lit Degree, Part Two

In my former post, Theophilus, I mentioned the astonishment of a fellow undergrad, Back in the Day, that anyone would want to study English literature. There seems to be a widespread belief that studying English literature is of no practical … Continue reading

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Not Being a Poet #2

This April, once again, I attempted ‘NaPoWriMo’ (or ‘National Poetry Writing Month’), a poem-a-day project which, in theory, makes you write thirty new poems in the month of April. As ever, I failed. I wrote a few uninteresting fragments. As … Continue reading

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Not Being a Poet

Over at thebelatedwriter, my fellow blogger and former Creative Writing course-mate (or, so to speak, my former comrade in arms) has been meditating on a problem of denomination. If you write, if you would like to write, are you allowed … Continue reading

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