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Throwing Jam at a Straw Man

This post is something a little different. This post is a blogging first, like on The Great British Bake Off when they announce that never before has anything containing quite so much jam been constructed in the Bake Off tent. … Continue reading

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Dragons and Pearls

In a cupboard full of books, mostly in Russian, all looking somehow both worn and unread, and out of reach except by stepladder, my next-door-neighbour made a surprising discovery: a book in English by John Wimber, of Vineyard Movement fame, called Power Evangelism. It’s a … Continue reading

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The Plans He Has To Prosper Us

One Sunday recently, I got my hair in the Communion wine. I was receiving the wine, not serving it, so the situation could have been worse, but was nonetheless embarrassing. Short hair flopping in one’s face combines poorly with a … Continue reading

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