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On Victory

From the front steps of my block of flats, I can see, two kilometres away or so, the goddess Nike, stretching out her arms and a halo over St George rampant while cherubim sound their trumpets. This post is not … Continue reading

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74 reasons why I couldn’t think of a nice catchy title

«Извините… Всё нормально?» This is about as far as my Russian will take me towards making sure that the teenage boy hanging out in our stairwell with a can of beer and a hand-held computer game is neither lonely nor … Continue reading

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The Thirteen Steps of a Greek Seeking Wisdom

Every so often my Christian life is interrupted by a short time of unspecified bewilderment. Instead of reading my Bible, I glower at its cover, as if by so doing I could render it more self-explanatory. I open it up … Continue reading

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