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Muddledness and Marriage Equality

When Parliament finished debating the Marriage Equality bill, my Facebook friends were interestingly divided. Some felt that a small, significant step had been taken along the road to justice; others, that an undesirable but hopefully retractable step had been taken … Continue reading

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A Woman and a Speaker?: Discriminating Discrimination

I have heard Psalm Two summarised in the following four points. Point One, sin is a problem. Point Two, God is angry. Point Three, judgement is coming, so (Point Four) put your trust in Jesus. The context was a Christian … Continue reading

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The Successful Blog

Today’s post consists of a quotation, an observation, and a cartoon, appearing in reverse order. Here’s the cartoon: (An executive decision has been made that the post won’t bother embarking on a form-and-content-what’s-the-difference-is-there-a-difference type debate.) The observation is as follows. … Continue reading

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