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Blessed are those who help others put their бахилы on.

Starbucks, despite being an evil enormous international corporation, is a great blessing to the Englishwoman having tea out in Moscow. Starbucks baristas, when asked for black tea With Milk, do not look shocked and perplexed and ask whether they should … Continue reading

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Lone Ranger Christians, Loudspeaker Christianity

The Awkward Christians Club would include in its liturgy a prayer like this. O Lord, please give us grace to forgive Lee De Forest, inventor of the vacuum tube, as well as Jensen and Pridham, inventors of the first moving-coil … Continue reading

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On Victory

From the front steps of my block of flats, I can see, two kilometres away or so, the goddess Nike, stretching out her arms and a halo over St George rampant while cherubim sound their trumpets. This post is not … Continue reading

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