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Summer Camp, Sheep-keeping, and the Gospel According to a Young Learner Classroom

Up and down the dingy corridors of a square, grey, Soviet-era sanatorium building, somewhere in the Russian countryside, I am improvising a poor contemporary re-enactment of the Parable of the Lost Sheep. “Back In The Classroom, Please!” My student, eight … Continue reading

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On Victory

From the front steps of my block of flats, I can see, two kilometres away or so, the goddess Nike, stretching out her arms and a halo over St George rampant while cherubim sound their trumpets. This post is not … Continue reading

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Frog, Toad or Saviour: Discoveries of a Working Christmas

I’m writing this in the air. Actually, more precisely, I’m writing it in an Easyjet Airbus somewhere between Moscow and London, above the clouds, in glorious sunlight, in seat number 22C. It’s a quarter past four by Moscow time, and … Continue reading

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