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In Defence of Atheists: in which I attempt to chop down the mightiest garden shed in the neighbourhood with its own petard.

Picture the scene. In a student living-room, five or six undergraduates sit on standard-issue furniture and beanbags and Explore Christianity. The room is comfortably twilit, and tea, coffee and cake have been made liberally available. The debate is a serious … Continue reading

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‘No Condemnation Now I Dread’

And can it be that I should gain An interest in the Saviour’s blood… I remember this song being sung one night in early January 2008, when the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union was driven outside by a fire alarm during … Continue reading

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A Woman and a Speaker?: Discriminating Discrimination

I have heard Psalm Two summarised in the following four points. Point One, sin is a problem. Point Two, God is angry. Point Three, judgement is coming, so (Point Four) put your trust in Jesus. The context was a Christian … Continue reading

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