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Dragons and Pearls

In a cupboard full of books, mostly in Russian, all looking somehow both worn and unread, and out of reach except by stepladder, my next-door-neighbour made a surprising discovery: a book in English by John Wimber, of Vineyard Movement fame, called Power Evangelism. It’s a … Continue reading

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What the Bible Doesn’t Say After All to Awkward Moments

Since the day in 2013 when I wrote a post called What the Bible Says to Awkward Moments – which wasn’t a top-notch post, but did at least have a picture of some penguins in it – I’ve been conducting … Continue reading

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The Dubious Good of an English Lit Degree, Part One: What I’m Going To Do With My Life

On my fourth day as an undergraduate, before Week One had even started, a second-year Land Economist, who was sitting opposite me at a College Family meal in an ASK restaurant on Bridge Street, leaned forward and with biting determination … Continue reading

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